On Communication

Communication isn’t about the communicator, it is about the recipient.

What one says or writes or depicts, is irrelevant; what matters is what the recipient hears, understands, and feels. Their perception is one’s reality.

At least 90% of what one communicates is misunderstood. Not because the communicator is wrong, but because both communicator & recipient come from different places, both have different priorities, both are focused on different agendas.

The key to good communication is to understand the recipients’ priorities and address those.

Communication isn’t about transferring knowledge.

It is about persuading the recipient to do/feel something or about pre-empting the recipient from doing/feeling something.

Frequency of communication should be inversely proportional to its significance & certainty.

Repeat Relentlessly when you want mundane behaviors to stick.

Be Singular when communicating the momentous.

Uncertainty demands quick, iterative, and frequent communicating. 

The Definite requires measured, meticulous, one-time messaging.

People need certainty during the uncertain and will question the Definite ad-nauseam.

Content is the most important thing while communicating.

Thorough analyses, simplicity & elegance of vocabulary and delivery, well timed pauses, self deprecating jokes, rousing emotions, being human; All of these things matter while creating effective communication.

Communication is a two player game.

It is effective only when the communicator seeks and / or the recipient communicates feedback. Be immediate, objective, dispassionate, and actionable while communicating feedback.


Communication is about the communicator, it isn’t about the recipient.

The most important communication are the stories one wants to tell, whether there is an audience for it or not. The caged bird sings for itself, not for its masters.

Communication is about seeding your proprietary ideas.

It is about transferring and propagating knowledge that only one possesses. If one is not clear, aligned, and enrolled to a cause, one won’t be able to pull in the same direction consistently and effectively.

Mindset is the most important thing while communicating.

Both Optimism and Pessimism are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Even in the worst of situations, it is always possible to be positive. Truth in the best light.

Even in the best of situations, it is always possible to find fault. Fear of the unknown dark.

The output of communication is directly proportional to the intensity of the thought and feeling within the communicator.

Eurekas, Euphorias, Profundities, and their counterparts Stagnations, Pathoses, Falsisms open creative floodgates much faster.

Vague ideas, concepts, and feelings still being assimilated, debated, and grappled with take time, patience, and mundane evolution before crystallization.

Communication is a one player game.

The most important communication one has is with themself; One will become the product of all the stories one keeps telling themself, the ideas one spends time with, the possibilities one can imagine for themself.

There are few ways better than one’s own example to communicate something.


Final thoughts – Listen.

For all this talk about whether the locus of communication should be internally or externally focussed, the most important, most difficult, and most ignored aspect of communication is

Listening, shutting up, and resisting the urge to react.

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