New Year Wishes

My New Year Resolutions over the past few years have gone from HAVE/Want to DO to BE.

From HAVE weight 70Kg/155lbs To DO 10,000 pushups a year To remain/BE healthy.

From Know things (HAVE) To Read 50 books a year (DO) To Grow as a person (BE).

From HAVE a big house to Move to another place (DO) to BE in an environment where I can live stress-free (BE).

Too often we conflate measures or results to goals. As dear Mr. Goodhart said, “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure”.

Results are easy to visualize, they often already exist in reality for someone else. It is easier to borrow from someone’s life or live vicariously than to create our own.

Goals require us to do the difficult work of thinking for ourselves. They also require us to have self-awareness and require that we not lie to ourselves.

So, while our first instinct may be to Have or Do something, I wish for everyone, that in 2022 we all figure out the person we want to be and focus our energy, attention, and time on becoming that person.

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