Man Muss Immer Umkehren

No one grasps Inversion intuitively. Maybe Yoda, but not the kind I’m talking about.

James Clear and Shane Parrish have written incredibly helpful essays on inversion.

My need to understand and evangelize Inversion, however, is of a red pill level, and is precipitated by the current zemblanities befalling us. Much of what we think we understand is actually the inverse of what it actually is.

Let’s start with the debate around Trusting The Science.

Science is the discovery & invention of new things that are True, right? Or is Science the disproval of as many possibilities so that the only things left are the possible truths? 

Wikipedia defines Science as a Systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Note how there is no mention of truth, fact et al; only explanations and predictions. The way to trust Science is to keep seeking testable explanations and not accept things at their face value. 

Good Health is the well-being of the Mind, Body, and Spirit, right? Or is it the absence of Disease? 

Government is the System that will lead & govern an organized community to better outcomes, right? Or is Government is a system to determine the monopoly of violence, and hopefully the better outcomes for the community are a result of it?

As a Corollary, Democracy is the best way to determine the Government of the people for the people by the people, right? Or is Democracy the mechanism to prevent despotic dictatorships and create an honorable explanation for the transfer of power without violence & bloodshed? 

At work, our goal is to be so good that we become critical to the success of the enterprise, right? Or is it to relentlessly put systems & structures in place, and develop our teams such that our we are no longer critical, very likely irrelevant,  and can move to bigger & better opportunities? 

As Managers, our job is to Create, Organize, Delegate, and Review work, right? Or is it to remove bottlenecks, create an environment for people to do their work best, and then get out of the way?

During Negotiations, the goal is to get to a Yes, so that we can close the deal, right? Or is the goal to uncover all the ‘No’s so that we can discover the objections and obstacles to a Win-Win outcome? 

I can go on for a few pages and across many more disciplines, but I’m going to leave you with the mother of all cliched Inversion examples that literally saved many, many lives. IYFKIYKI

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